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Health & Wellness Coaching My goal is to help others create health & wellness by giving them the tools to eat healthy, take the best vitamins available, and live full healthy lives. One of the best tools for discovering what foods are best for you and your body is metabolic typing! For a more [...]


P.L.A.Y-Preneurs Training

Home of the P.L.A.Y-Preneurs Training First of all I want to thank you all for allowing me to roll out the coaching program called P.L.A.Y. Coaching! The vision of this coaching will be to empower and inspire you to take your life, lifestyle, and your business to the next level and [...]


SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge

Skip the Diet. Get SexyFit. I’m so excited you’re considering the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge!  As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), my philosophy is based on a highly nutritious eating plan that perks up your health and slims you down, yet combines fun, exercise of your choice, proper supplementation & [...]


Sensé™ Science-Based Skin Care

Sensé™ Science-Based Skin Care Inspired by Dr. Myron Wentz’s dedication to living a toxin-free lifestyle, Sensé scientists worked to find an alternative to parabens and other traditional chemical preservatives used in personal-care products. After nearly ten years of research, they found the answer in a unique, U.S. patented formulation that [...]



Nutrition Nutritional Health Services Available… Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Consultations What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition? A system of functional lab work that identifies healing opportunities Proven to help resolve chronic stress related disorders Easily reproducible model of care included in the training All the tools and skills you need to identify root causes An exciting [...]



Yoga Tribal Latin Fusion Both yoga and dance lead us back into our bodies. Combine them, as the Om diva does in her most popular workshop, and the result is high-energy, inner-fire movement meditation yoga. Learn to unleash your inner-goddess and connect with your divine feminine spirit within! Tribal-Latin Fusion [...]