There are 11 ways to improve your well being and be productive, want to know what they are?

1. Decide what you want by writing exploring lists- take a sheet of paper and draw line down the

   center. On one side write everything you don’t like or want , then on the other side write everything

   you do, this will help you to see and focus n the positive.

2. Find the Good in every situation- this rewires the brain, and begins to train it to looking for

    affirmative statements.

3.  Keep the end in mind. What are your values? what would you like to be remembered as?

4.  Become Aware of your thoughts. A mind left to it’s own devices will ruin you!  listen to what you

     are thinking in every moment of every day!! Set your intention to be aware this must be a conscious practice daily.

5.  Let go!!!! Stop resisting and controlling! Accept every situation for what it is! Know that life works

     in synergy with your energy!

6.  Forgive- Let go of baggage! Release emotions that no longer serve you!  Emotions not released become toxic.

7.  Unleash the past. stop making decisions right now that are based on past

     experiences, otherwise you are creating your future based on your past.

8. Be Grateful! Find something to be thankful for every minute of every day.

9.  Choose your friends carefully.  High vibrational people will keep you high.

10. Connect your mind, body and spirit.  Use Yoga, Meditation, and good

       food for your mind and body to keep you healthy.

11.  Allow “It” to happen by changing your subconscious.  Consciously you

        begin to create a new paradigm!!