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March 29, 2021

3 foolproof ways to flip the script inside your head

to take you from a negative to a positive mindset


Hey Everyone, My name is Marti Angel, I am known as the “empowering Latina Coach”  I am a latina Biz coach here to give you tips to rock your biz and live your best life.

I want you to understand that I have  a passion to teach you simple tools and techniques to go from brick and mortar to click and order!.

Hola, Hola a todos, Mi nombre es Marti Angel, soy conocida como la “Entrenadora Latina empoderadora”. Soy la Coach de Negocios aquí para darte consejos para que tu negocio se mueva y  puedas vivir tu mejor vida.

Quiero que entiendas que me apasiona enseñarte herramientas y técnicas sencillas para crecer tu negocio en linea.

Today, I want to speak to you about how to flip the script inside your head!

3 fool proof ways you can switch that inner dialogue to going from I can’t, I don’t and why not me to I got this!


While it’s true that changing our thinking and rewiring destructive habits takes time, that doesn’t mean that something can’t be done right now, in the present moment. Just because we’re not at the top of the mountain, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to climb! So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut, flip the script with these foolproof tips and brighten your perspective. 

Whether your script is..

I am too Old, I can’t do this, I am trying but nothing happens,,,,,,,yada yada…

One of my all-time favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer is, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

 Not only does this hold so much truth for me, it’s also liberating because it reminds me that the power is in my hands, or better yet, in my thoughts 😉 

Let me tell you a story about this man- who became a mentor and I personally met before he passed.  Watch the video to hear my story!

So let’s get to the 3 tips I have for you today!

  1. Change Your Thoughts. Cambia tus pensamientos- What you think, you become. Whenever a limiting thought or belief pattern arises in your mind, flip the script!

Reword the thought to align with what you want in your life, and repeat it over and over again until you’ve convinced your mind otherwise.

Tip: Notice how you feel when you speak it– because feeling is energy

 Simply keep repeating it. Repetition is key to transforming what we think and believe.

  1. Feel your way into the thoughts/ pon atencion a tus sentimeintos-  As I said before- Feelings are energy, and feelings have a powerful energy that is invisible and unspoken!  Example if you are repeating “i am skinny” but you are feeling that’s not true– then the feeling wins!  So pay attention to your feelings!

          Hold space for the feeling and then begin to change it– I use tapping and the sedona method to help me.

  1. Shift Your Focus./ Cambia tu enfoque- What you focus on grows. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, try shifting your focus to something that’s good in your life, or beautiful in the world. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Tip: Focus on something that makes you smile from the inside out. It can be anything that brings you deep Joy. Love on your pets!

 This will not only help shift your perspective, but it will also make you feel a whole lot lighter!

So peeps, If you found value in this and would love to go deeper into this topic..

I am having a Free Training in April in the Private Facebook group -“Rock Your Business” Academy- create blueprint for success

So in the comments below– drop the word “ deep dive” and I will send you the link to join the group!

AS always, this is Marti Angel, your servant leader wishing you a beautiful day-

Soy Marti Angel, tu servidora y coach de crecer tu negocios en línea.

Deseandoles un buen dia!







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