May 24

Mondays With Marti, Network Marketting


3 tips to grow your team with social media

Welcome everyone to another episode of Mondays with Marti

Today is Mexican mothers day so to all the mamacitas--
I say- Feliz dia de las madres.

Today we are talking about growing your team. One of the things I get asked is this question--
Is it too late for me to grow a team with Social media?”

And the answer is No, absolutely not! Social media is here to stay and is ever-changing so my advice is to embrace and empower yourself and your team.

So let's get to it.

When you are part of a team you want to make sure that you are all acting consciously as part of the team.

So to grow as a team member you must ask yourself this first!
Do you understand the team's goals?
Do you know how your role supports the team's goals?

Once you have those down then growing on and with Social media must be a team marketing effort.
By that I mean are you all strategizing and planning your social media strategy together?
Here are 3 ways to grow as a TEAM and to have your own team grow--
(Phase 1)
1. USE Team hashtags in every post
2. Plan your Product and Biz posts strategically
3. Make sure to engage( by commenting, liking, and saving) in all the
TEAMs posts and use the hashtag in the comment

When this has been done for 30- 40 days together then you will find that you are growing the team and then the magic begins to happen!!
The Caveat here is that it needs a Full TEAM commitment!

I want to invite you to next Monday when I share part 2
If you found value in this then I invite you to join me next week and remember to share this and leave me some love in the comments.
I hope you all have a great


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