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People always ask me,

OMG! Marti, you have a Masters Degree, and lots of other accolades, why on earth would you choose Network Marketing, as a stream of income???

Well, here is it .. These are my reasons and more importantly in that order.

  • 1. Safety. Corporate America is not as safe as it once was in regards to job security. When I was in education, in the prime of my educational administration career, after 14 years of dedicated and un wavering service, school politics got in the way so I decided to get out of the drama. In an effort to save my sanity and my integrity, I avoided a massive layoff. I saw people who had spent a good portion of their lives working as Principals, and Assistant Principals live a life of stress and suffer with thier health and paid for it daily. I also was right in the midst of my second cancer and “The District” was not going to stand for me missing so much work due to illness, so they forced my decision. Over the years, I am still happy with my decision as 4 of my colleges are dead due to cancer. Working in a toxic environment is something that is in your hands. THE reality is you do not have job security!!! and if you honestly feel like your job is secure, you might want to think again. The beauty of the Network Marketing industry is that the ONLY way you will get fired is if you quit, period!

  • 2. Residual Income which is the key to long term financial freedom and that is absolutely possible inside of Network Marketing. If you’re like me and went to college for what seemed like forever! (6 years for me), you get out and find a job (you do this even without a college degree) and you get paid by trading your time for money! Even as I worked my way up the education ladder, the only place I could find some semblance of security is being a teacher because the union protected me, but I would have never truly had financial freedom. I could never make more than my principal or my assistant principals no matter how hard I worked. Sure, my bills were paid but do you have any significant amount left over for other things?? If you stop working guess what happens, you stop getting paid! However, with Networking Marketing, you can continue earning money, residual income that keeps growing and growing, even in your sleep!!! But don’t get me wrong it won’t happen like magic until you magically work.

  • 3. Lifestyle. The third reason (and most awesome in my opinion) has everything to do with being able to create and live the lifestyle you want!!. I get to live on the island of Hawaii one month every year! I get to work from any where in the world!! I love choosing my own hours, but most importantly, you get to choose when you are with family!! Being a caregiver for mom is currently one of the most important things I do and I choose when I do it.. It is on my time. How would it feel to you to be able to choose the time you spend with family?

  • 4. Freedom to work with Who you want, Where you want! Can you think of a time when you had co workers that were just a big drag? Maybe they were negative, hateful, annoying, or what ever you just could not stand to be near them. The beauty of Network Marketing is thatyou have the option to choose who YOU want to work with. I personally won’t work with just anyone and that’s because I don’t have to. I don’t prospect everyone I know or everyone who I stand next to in the super market. When I’m prospecting (especially online) if they seem negative or nasty ( in attitude) then I will not even try to reach out. I love being able to surround myself with positive, fun, like-minded people.

    AND…. Reason # 5 is the one my hubby, who is a CPA and a CFO loves!!!

  • 5. Tax Breaks. I’ve heard so many talk about how they don’t have the money to join Network Marketing (I find very few actually don’t have themoney). What I don’t think a lot of people realize is that by joining a Network Marketing company, it will actually save you money. This is because there are great tax incentives for home based business owners. Lets be honest think about all those things that are used when working from home: your cell phone, your car, meals out office supplies, rent (if you have an office at home), all those can be used as tax deductions and that my friends can equal huge savings!

Well my friends, I hope you truly found this helpful!!! If you found this helpful? please take a moment to comment below and share it with your team so they can benefit too!

Here is my story as it plays out in video– I am a CERTIFIED NETWORK MARKETING COACH, and I would love to hear from you!!

please drop me an emoji and find me @martiangel_elc on Social Media!!

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