Marti Angel’s Brand is Health, Healing and Wellness

She continues to touch the lives of many folks young and old through her healings, yoga, coaching, meditation, children’s life transformation academies and her healing yoga retreats. She is known for her work as an intuitive healer assisting people to heal their body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

Marti Angel has been an educator for over 24 years, guiding, inspiring and empowering individuals through her classroom, seminar, private coaching and public speaking lectures. She knows the power of looking within to find the light of your inner source. She has many gifts & talents that empower her to guide her clients to new levels of health, healing, wellness, and success as she seems to work her magic touching and improving the lives of all who seek her guidance.

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Ultimately, we should love ourselves. And yet, learning to do so seems to be something that eludes us. We are always looking for something outside ourselves to make us happier, more fulfilled and taken care of. In our culture, we most likely have been socially indoctrinated to think that we must be humble and submissive. We bought into this belief and many of us have lost ourselves in the process, risking our happiness to serve others. So we put our hopes and dreams on hold to bring up our children, serve our mothers, fathers and husbands. We do this gladly, knowing that the most important thing in our life is our family. So we embark on this journey to be the best mom, daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife that we can be, all the while wishing that we could allow ourselves to have our own success in our life. We wait and put our dreams and ourselves on hold until the children are grown. In the mean time we delude ourselves in thinking that material things will make us happy. We begin to blame the external forces in our lives for the loss of our true happiness. We blame our jobs, our circumstances, our life partner and even our family. We forget that we can have it all! Latinas are a special breed! We do everything with PASSION! We love like there is no tomorrow, we kiss like it is the last kiss and we fight like there will be no other! We are strong, we are hot and we are spicy!!! It is time to love your “Latina-ness” and live the life of your dreams with our Latina passion and be more than you think you can be!!!!

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below and what you want most in life is to be happy, financially abundant and successful?

Join me Marti Angel, and you will learn how to move beyond your current circumstances towards the life of your dreams. You can transform your life and learn how to unleash your inner goddess to find your divine self and achieve your own personal happiness, through self-development programs and Y.E.S. – (Your Eternal Source) coaching that have been uniquely designed to address the multiplicity of cultural influences that form our “Latina-ness”. You will be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the skills and resources you need to help you claim your best life ever!!! You will learn specific strategies that will help you have a happy, healthy life and have a sense of well being. You will learn to create a life that feels true and meaningful. Come join a community of other empowered Latinas that will help you maintain a positive, joyful outlook because once you unleash your inner goddess, nothing can stop you from fulfilling all of your hopes and dreams and achieving all of your desired goals.

¡Inspirandonos juntas!

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Would you like to live a successful, exciting, healthy and happy life?


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Would you like to unleash the goddess that lies within?

Marti Angel also provides Health & Wellness Seminars, Nutrition, Yoga, Chakra and meditation courses.

Marti Angel is also well known author of “ Change your energy, change your life” . Her passion for healing encompasses her healing certifications as a Reiki master level 3, Watsu Water and Yoga therapist.

As a certified YES Energy Success coach, Marti invites you to a one-on-one coaching to anyone interested in maintaining or improving his or her health, or life circumstances. She would love to invite you to one of her many complimentary introduction-coaching sessions.

Her mission is to inspire and empower Bi- lingual women to transform their lives – and be more than they think they can be! If you’re searching for something more in life and share her passion for physical, emotional and financial well-being, she invites you to join her in this mission!

Marti Angel and her team employ the principles of P.L.A.Y – POWER of LIGHT ASSISTING YOU- To ensure that everyone succeeds by helping others succeed.

Marti Angel has chosen USANA health Sciences as her product partner and continues to suggest the products to her clients, who continuously experience great health and wealth miracles.

Her passion and her message are one of healing, health and wellness by empowering and inspiring people to make powerful lifestyle changes through healing their mind, body and spirit.

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

  • Metabolic Typing Advisor II

  • Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor III

  • 500 E-RYT/Yoga Therapist

  • Business Success Coach

  • DSWA Certified Coach

  • Fitness/Cycle/Zumba Instructor

  •  E-book Author

Marti Angel
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