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Ten Tips For Beautiful Summer Skin

The weather is warming up and you need to find something to make sure you stay healthy and beautiful. This means nourishing your skin, which by the way is the largest organ found on our body. Our skin inhales everything and it sends it right to the blood stream. Therefore, we must be mindful of everything we put on our face and body. The body has some protection from our clothing but our face is our first line of defense from the climate we live in, which is why it is important to nourish and sustain healthy skin from the inside out. Here are some tips that will make you look and feel great as well as heal from the sun this summer. 1. Hydrate - Drink plenty of pure clean water. I usually tell my clients to drink half their weight in ounces of water, more if they exercise [...]

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Words we use to sabotage ourselves

How we use certain words in our daily vocabulary or in effect the order in which we use these words harm and hinder us in the ability to attain our goals and create a positive loving and happy life. Words that we use can sabotage everything we work so hard to attain. They can sabotage our relationships as well as being a self-sabotage tool. We must master the knowledge of the power of words in order to stop the self-sabotage. This is one of the main emphases of Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as the yoga sutras. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness [...]

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The Art of Listening

Tias Little often says that yoga is the art of listening. In Yoga, there is a focus on inward listening to your body during the practice of asana. You listen to the rhythm of your own breath, and the process of listening or watching your thoughts as they arise and pass during the practice of meditation. In the quote by Suzuki that says “When you listen to someone, you should give up all your preconceived ideas and your subjective opinions; you should just listen to him, just observe what his way is… put very little emphasis on right or wrong good or bad… just see how things are with him and accept them. Usually, when you listen to some statement, you hear it as a kind of echo of yourself. You are actually listening to your own opinion. If it agrees with your opinion you may accept it, but if [...]

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You Can Heal Your Life

There are three main illusions that plague us in our quest to heal our lives, bodies and souls. The first of these illusions is that we are this body. We identify with this body. When we do this we use the theory that we are "Finite". This is the furthest thing from the real truth. We are not this body, we are beautiful souls housed in this body that has been on loan to us for our time here on this earth. It is our temple, our temporary home during our journey here on this finite land. We must learn to accept the fact that we are more than what we can see in the mirror. We are beautiful light beings. The second illusion is that our quest in life is the pursuit of happiness. Once again, you can begin to heal your life by debunking this myth. The problem [...]

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There Are No Coincidences, Simply The Universal Source Guiding Us

Some call it the language of God, others call it coincidence but whatever it is, we always receive signs from our universal source helping us to see, hear or speak whatever it is we may be needing in that moment. We as humans come into this world, into this place we call earth, to learn and grow from our life lessons. It is said the older the soul that has incarnated our body the harder the life lessons we have chosen to bear. It is in our everyday life circumstances that we must be awake and alert to the subtle messages we receive from above. These messages come from a vortex of energy that is pure, powerful and abundant in every way. We know that we are all energy and that all matter is energy. Therefore, it goes without saying that our thoughts and emotions are very potent energy. This [...]

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