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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of Mondays with Marti!

I am so incredibly grateful for you stopping in today and turning on this Facebook live and joining me!

it means the world to me now let's talk about today's topic - which is

3 top tips to begin to build your NWM biz-

this is really important guys so if you're just joining us today I just want to say welcome welcome welcome to another episode of Mondays with Marti
Where I give you tips to rock your business and live your best life!

Hey, peeps make sure that you share this information once you hear it -then go out and teach it to your team and share it and begin to implement it !

So the first if I want to talk about is :

TIP # 1- Prioritize Your Biz-
For you to be able to do that you need to ask yourself one critical question:

Is this going to be a business for me?
A side hustle?
Is this going to be a hobby for me to work on whenever I have time for it?

The answer to this question is going to be critical for you to understand how much time you are willing to allocate and invest.

Whether you are building your business or building your hobby?
but only you can answer that no one can answer that for you.
In my upcoming master class:
I will be talking about creating your personalized blueprint for success because success looks so different to everybody,
it means something else to everybody,
and there is no right and there is no wrong it's just a matter of your personal choice.
This choice I will tell you that this choice you make will set the framework for your investment of time.

What I tell my coaching clients is that they need to know this answer right away right off the bat because before I can offer tips to help build your six-figure income from your network marketing business
I need to know how much time you want to invest whether you want to invest in building the business because that will take more time
or whether you want to invest the time that it takes to build a hobby.

These questions are critical to know the answer to.
You know everybody is busy so it's critical that we really know the answer to this question.

My friends this is the make-it-or-break-it question you must be willing to answer.

Once you answer that then we begin to move forward on to the next tip.

Tip #2- Learn to leverage your time.

We all know that life is busy. Your day is likely full of lots of tasks and activities to do whether you work full-time or part-time or you're a stay-at-home parent.

Any way you look at it you have a certain amount of time you have allotted to this biz.

Often when people start their network marketing business they think of all the riches it's going to get them but they forget about how much time it takes to really work it.

First, in order to get those riches, you must know that it takes consistent daily work.
leveraging your time is critically important and the beauty about this is that I am going to be doing a Master Class where we actually go through details of how to leverage the amount of time you have.
Because the truth of the matter is peeps that we all have 24 hours in a day no one has anymore and no one has any less so once we know the answer we can begin to work on leveraging your time.

Tip #3 - is ORGANIZATION- organize our daily activities and fit them into workable chunkable steps that we can take daily action on.
Organizing our activities into the time we have chosen to allott to build our side hustle or hobby or big business is going to be critically important.

This is different for everybody and because of that you need to create your personalized blueprint for success--
In the upcoming master class, I will be explaining this in more detail.

Know that your time allotted is very different from somebody else's time and your version of success is very different from somebody else's version of success so never compare yourself with anyone else’s progress.

Let me say this, that organizing your daily activities also takes time.
Unfortunately what I see many folks forget to do is to include that time in their weekly planning session.

So learning some shortcuts to doing this by implementing some simple strategies will be key to your long-term success.

These 3 top tips to begin to build your NWM biz,
Are basic to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, and confused.
Remember these are baby steps but they're taken in order and taken consistently is what's going to get you to YOUR finish line.

Well, peeps,
I hope you found value in these three tips!
As always I am so incredibly grateful to you all. Please keep your eye open for the master class that's coming up where I help you learn how to set up your blueprint for success.

I want you to take this as a personal invite to come to this master class real soon!

Turn on notifications for this page and real soon I will be dropping the link to sign up for the master class.
remember if you found some value in this share the love and drop your questions in the comment below and I will answer your questions personally one-on-one.

I want you to know I say yes to helping you succeed, I say yes to being the Latina Biz coach who understands you, sees you, and feels you!
I say yes to being the Latina coach who is committed to being the leader and lead by example!

Have a beautiful day, peeps

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