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Knowing the difference between features and benefits will help you in expanding your sales and business.

My clients ask me Marti how to do that?

Learning to do this is a skill that is important to the success of your business.

What are the physical properties of your product or service? How would you describe it to someone who’s never seen it before? Make a list of every single feature your product has.

Clearly explaining the features of your product shows that you have Mastery and confidence in your ability to share it.
When you share the features you are leaving no stone unturned and you are being totally upfront about your products capabilities or your service.

whatever it is being able to explain what your service or your product is shows and openness and a willingness to share it and its potential.

Make a list of every single benefit of someone using your product or service. What pain points does it sooth? What problems are solved by it?

or example:
It tastes delicious which is an enjoyable experience.
Endorphins are released, helping the consumer feel happy, relaxed and less stressed.
It fills you up so prevents unpleasant pangs of hunger.
Its high fat and sugar content helps the eater feel as if they are having a treat since this isn’t the kind of food we should frequently consume.
Helps you put on weight if you’ve been told you need to do so.

Now try to match a benefit to each of your features, so you can see how each feature might be isolated and explored in further detail with your customer.
This allows you to give your audience specific, targeted knowledge about your product, without overwhelming them by looking at the whole package.
Listen as I go through more specific examples!

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