Do you know what it really takes to be a Social Media Manager for a small business? Or are you a small business owner who may want to  hire a social media manager but not sure what to look for?

Are you looking for how to put your phone to use so you can leverage it and learn to make an extra stream of income?

Are you even remotely curious as to find out what it means to be a Social Media Manager?

Hi there I am Marti Angel, Latina biz coach, and I would love to help you:

Would you like to find out if you have the interest or the talent to create a viable side hustle from this?

Now imagine yourself be a key marketing/social media manager for a small business person, solopreneur or network marketing professional.

How would you like to position yourself to be the go-to person for a small business owner when it comes to social media content and creation?

You are about to learn how you can help the small business person create more sales for their business that will, in turn, help you to create more business for yourself!

If you answered yes, then I am inviting you to join my 5 Day Become a Social Media Manager– FREE FaceBook challenge– follow the link below.

You will learn how to step into your new role with confidence so that you can continue to be the go-to expert  for the small business person/ solopreneur

After many years of having my own small business, and being a professor of marketing at a local college, and being a Small business social media consultant and trainer.

I am hosting a  FREE  How to be a social media manager 5 Day FaceBook Challenge that begins Monday, April 20- April 24–

 Join Me HERE!!!!!

I am sharing secrets and hacks!!

Hope to see you there!


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