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How to be healthy and have more energy is the question of the day.


Today I am sharing with you health and wellness tips to keep your immune system strong.

A topic that is currently very fresh as we are experiencing some health Invaders, for example, the Coronavirus.

I have been asked to create this video regarding the Coronavirus as it is a current health threat happening to us globally and it is a virus it is mutating so rapidly that it is spreading at record speed.

So my intent today is to inform you about some basic precautions and knowledge you may need to stay healthy and have more energy. Firstly, we need to understand what the Coronavirus really is.

The New England Journal of Medicine tells us that there is a very aggressive virus called the Coronavirus that can cause respiratory infection and can lead to pneumonia and possibly to death. Currently, there have been many deaths attributed to this virus and the number is climbing.

So here is the basics of what we have in front of us and the knowledge to understand how to keep ourselves healthy.

We need to understand:

#1. bacterial infections are bacterias that are killed with antibiotics.

#2. parasites are killed with antiparasitic drugs.

#3. funguses are killed with antifungal medications.

But viruses can only be prevented by strengthening the body to be able to ward off these Invaders currently for the coronavirus there is no antiviral medication.

So the World Health Organization is calling for the public to take preventive measures. in my experience being in the healthcare field for the last 15 years and working with consulting doctors as a functional diagnostic nutritionist, we have seen some very potent prevention herbs and supplements that can help us to stay healthy and prevent us from falling ill to this virus.

The first one I would like to mention is the herb echinacea. It is a flower and a root when using this you want to make sure that you use the root. This is one of the most potent natural antibiotics as reported In the medical journals. There have been case studies that are recorded in the medical journals where it shows that the root in quantities that are measured and safe have proven effective in promoting a strong and healthy immune system.

Obviously it is important to combine any supplement with a healthy lifestyle.

Here is another list of supplements that have been known to raise the immune system to provide more energy and be healthy.

The first supplement is vitamin C as reported in PubMed it states that there have been strong and positive effects with taking higher doses of vitamin C anywhere from three to five grams daily to elevate the body's defense mechanisms.

The second supplement is reishi mushrooms combined with shiitake mushrooms that have been studied to enhance the immune system together the combination of these two mushrooms have actually been recorded to help block the duplication of virus cells.

The third supplement is vitamin D which has also been reported in the New England Journal of Medicine as helping raise the level of our im

Once again here is what we know :
The virus is very aggressive.
There is no vaccine currently for this virus.
There is only one way to protect ourselves and that is to raise the quality of our immune system.
All of this information is combined with keeping a healthy lifestyle and creating healthy habits and nutritional changes that can keep us healthy and have more energy.

Here below I give you a list of a few things you can do to enhance your immune system.

Eat 3-9 cups of greens daily you can juice them as well- make sure to eat the fiber.
Lower your intake of white flour, white rice, white sugar.
Drink half your weight in ounces of water daily
Exercise 30 to 45 minutes four or more times a week
Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep from 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.
Take higher doses of quality pharmaceutical grade supplements.
Here are my criteria that I share with my clients that they are encouraged to follow when choosing their supplements:

Supplement company must be around for 15 years or more with a proven track record
They must be Consumer Labs approved.
They must have the gold standard in the nutraceutical compendium of supplements of the United States, Europe, and Asia.
The company must be found in the Physicians Desk Reference manual
They must be created by a reputable doctor /cellular molecular immunologist.
Please take some time and view the supplemental video I have for you I have provided for you in this blog post.

How To Prevent Disease And Have More Energy

Please take some time and view the supplemental video I have for you I have provided for you in this blog post.

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