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April 5, 2021

Today we will learn how to use text messages to grow your business.

First of all I want to share that if you want to use text messages to grow your business,  social media platforms are not a way to pitch your services and products if you have not yet built a relationship first!

You see I want you to understand that followers do NOT translate into sales. This is ONE big mistake I see many biz owners make — They think that followers are the key to success- but what happens if they are not in your target audience?

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I will be the first person to tell you that messages actually DO convert, but here’s the missing part: And the MAIN VIOLATION I see happening-

People want to sell before they build!

Without a relationship built prior to the pitch, your offer is immediately denied.
Why? Because your pitch appears just like the hundreds of awful pitches people have received in the past.
You become Salesy, Sleazy and yes I call it slimy!

When you do this:
Your business, products and services is now clumped into all of the icky digital marketing tactics that makes us RUN AWAY!
Now if you have a business of any kind- NWM or brick and mortar!! I want you to STOP THIS!!

Let Me repeat myself here: Far before you pitch, you must connect in a real authentic way.

Absolutely!! Positively!!

I have been pitched far too many times to count, most of which have all been DENIED.
I, however, have also bought, hired team members, and closed deals via direct message.


Your focus must be on building genuine connections inside DM’s/Pm’s/Texts with no expectation, no pitch, no follow, no nothing.

I *PROMISE* you and remember I do not make promises I cannot keep!!

Once followers know you’re more focused on helping them, they will trust you.
They will know that you are helping them solve their problems.

And once they trust you, they’ll convert to buyers.

Here is a simple plan that I suggest you start to use text messages to grow a business.

  1. Send 3 to 4 Direct Messages before you even hint at what your business sells.
  2. Slip into your ICA’s stories -Like and send a quick reply – ( 1- 3 words) in their story
  3. Send a piece of advice/encouragement/a tip to make their day awesome – in their message app.
  4. Offer a kudos about one or 2 of their posts on their feed -this is a great way to get them to your profile to see who is sending them love)
  5. Do this over 3-5 weeks and be sure to respond if they send a message to you.
  6. Once you’ve done this, gauge their interest and take the next steps.

Then my friends you will never have to worry about being sleazy or salesy ever again!

I hope you found value if you did please follow me on Instagram, drop into my link in my bio and grab your freebie. And as well if you want more tips like this and would like to join the community-( Rock Your Biz Academy)

Drop a comment below — Saying “community” and I will send an invite to the group-

If you are watching this on a #replay leave me a comment.

Share this audio or video with someone who may also need to hear this.

And as always, have a great day! Namaste,

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