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Is Network Marketing a Ponzi scheme?

April 26, 2021

Hello peeps!!

Hola-- Welcome, welcome everyone to another episode of Mondays with Marti-

Where I give you tips to rock your biz and live your best life!

So today I want to share with you all the title of today's talk!

Is Network Marketing a Ponzi scheme?

That is so current today and so relevant today with all the social media attention this industry has been getting!

So I want to take some time to address this question--
But I do want to give you a disclaimer here-- what I say today comes from my experience and my research-- that being said I ask you to do your research and keep an open mind!

To start I want to answer this question first-
What is Network Marketing?? Que es Mercadeo en Red?

So according to investopedia -- an online business journal

Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales.
It’s also known as multilevel marketing, referral marketing and consumer direct marketing and it can even be referred to in today's world as affiliate marketing.
-El mercadeo en red es un modelo comercial que depende de las ventas de persona a persona por parte de representantes independientes, que a menudo trabajan desde casa. Un negocio de mercadeo en red puede requerir que cree una red de socios comerciales o vendedores para ayudar con la generación de clientes potenciales y el cierre de ventas.
También se conoce como marketing multinivel, marketing de referencia y marketing directo al consumidor, e incluso se puede denominar en el mundo actual marketing de afiliados.

According to Tony Robbins-
“No matter what you call it, these are businesses where the best entrepreneurs can succeed – and even find their true gift.”
"No importa cómo lo llames, estos son negocios en los que los mejores emprendedores pueden tener éxito e incluso encontrar su verdadero regalo".
Now, let me say that the FTC- Federal Trade Commission is always watching--and Pyramid schemes are illegal in the US and many other parts of the world-
According to the Federal Trade Commission (FCC), a single-tier network marketing operations tend to be more reputable than multi-tier schemes, in which people make money based on the number of distributors they recruit.
So when someone says to you-- get in NOW! Start at the top!! You will be on the ground floor and make beaucoup bucks!! Unete ahorita!!
I say run!!! Run!! Correle!!

So is it a Scheme Marti? Here is what I say

While network and multi-level marketing programs have been accused of being pyramid schemes, there are some important differences.
While those who are able to recruit more members into the program are often able to enjoy greater residual commissions, network marketing is a legitimate and legal business structure that offers real products and services sold to customers.

Advantages :

One of the best advantages of network marketing is that you will feel like your own boss – without taking on the responsibility of starting your own company.
It has a very low start-up cost, and you get all the benefits of having a marketing team, a coach (provided you do your research and join a team that looks out for your growth), and merchandising team, a shipping team, a customer service team and much much more!
You’ll typically be able to work out of your home and make your own hours, giving you the flexibility that many entrepreneurs love, with none of the risks.

Another advantage is that you’ll gain skills you can use in any future endeavor, like developing instant connections with others, making persuasive presentations, cultivating and leading a team and effective follow-through.

The disadvantages of network marketing are similar to those for any sales business:
It will take time to build your business, let me repeat myself on this It will take time to build your business- and a lot of people will tell you “no” before you start hearing “yes.”
Competition can be fierce, so you must always be consistent and never relent.
ALWAYS remember!
YOU are still an entrepreneur, even though you’re part of a network marketing business. You must strengthen your resilience, build your brand, market yourself and innovate – just as you would if you started a traditional business.

Remember whether you succeed or fail- that is solely on you!! This is a business that will work for you as long as you work it daily!
So I hope this has cleared up any concerns you may have!

If you found value in this please share it with someone you know who may benefit-
You will also be able to find it on my Coach Marti Angel Youtube channel!

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Once again this is Marti Angel, Latina Biz coach signing off!

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Is Network Marketing a Ponzi scheme?

Is Network Marketing a Ponzi scheme?

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