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Hi everyone, I am sure that many of you, like myself, have heard from all kinds of sources that drinking water can help you lose weight, but can it really reduce wrinkles and help you look younger?

Well, there is this publication called the Daily Mail, where I read that this woman drank a whole bunch of water and at the end of the month she looked younger!

They certainly caught my attention.  I know by being a Nutritionist that approximately 96% of the population is walking around with dehydrated skin!! So I took a deeper look!

I’m always on the lookout for a way to erase fine lines and even out the tone of my skin.  I am a sun bunny so I know that I must be more hydrated than most!

And that’s exactly what the woman in the Daily Mail seems to have done.  she seemed to erase her fine lines….

But is there any truth to the hype? Was it just makeup and lighting? I was curious, could it really work?

It seemed way too good to be true, and crazy at best!  But  I had to know. Can drinking water really make you look years younger?

So to test this, I am hosting a Summer Slim Down 5 Day Drink Water Challenge!!


We’ve all heard that drinking water gives you energy, aids in digestion, keeps your organs working properly, keeps your mind sharp, flushes out toxins, and lots of other good things But what about looking younger?

So here I am hosting this FB challenge, and I truly hope you will join and bring a friend it starts June 10 through June 14!!


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