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What would you say to me if I told you that you could look younger, be healthy and live free in 2020?

Would you love to find out?

Looking younger, being healthy and living free are the best!

So often we stop ourselves from being all that we can be.  Mostly this becomes true because we live inside our head that has to analyze everything!!

I want to share that these past two months have been full of amazing energy, lots of team efforts and genuine trust, love and learning. We all long to be part of a tribe that can share with our hope, dreams and opportunities.  I love my TRIBE, You could just as easily call it a “community” or a “family” or  “a close group of friends,” but I personally like the word “tribe” because it sounds natural and instinctual.

Our need to belong to a group is natural and instinctual.  When I work with my tribe I am committed to their success!

My tribe loves and believes that looking younger, being healthy and living free are the best!

So why do we want so badly to belong to a tribe?

The basic concept of a tribe is a group of people united by a common idea that is willing to take action on that common idea. You may be wondering, ‘How is that different from networking?’ In some ways, it is similar because it involves making connections. But there are major differences.

First, the thread that connects members of the tribe is the shared idea or a strong purpose with an end goal that benefits all involved.

So for the past 6 years, I have been building my tribe!  A tribe of women who:

  • love beauty, business, and wellness
  • love to find value in helping others get healthy
  • love to share and learn together
  • who love beauty
  • who have a passion for learning more about business
  • who truly want to find a financial way to live free
  • who care about looking good being healthy
  • who love the vision of helping others get healthy and live free

Well, let me say that this past 2 months I have been blessed to find my tribe!!  I shared an idea that would help position them in a place where they could begin to live financially free!

They say that your tribe must feel so strongly about the shared idea that members are willing to do something about it and most importantly they say you’ve got to have people who are willing to take action.

Well, my friends if pictures could speak a thousand words then I say let them speak!!  LOOK at the meaningful relationships we have forged together!!

These ladies know looking younger, being healthy and living free are the best!

TEAM ONE POWER ONE ENERGY  #teamonepoweroneenergy   YOU ROCK!!!

We worked together to bring healthy beauty to many women who were open and ready not only to look gorgeous but to do so with health in mind!!

I look forward to even more team members joining our tribe!!!  if you are even remotely interested in joining or learning more about what we are all about then

leave me a comment below and find me on Instagram @martiangel_elc!!    I do at the same time want to give a shout out to one of my tribe @dalygarza.com  who is an amazing business partner and who is helping me with this website and is becoming instrumental in helping moms learn how to make residual income from home!!  follow her as well @dalygarza.com

So tell me friend are you interested in Looking younger, being healthy and living free??? I would love to work with you!!!

For Now Please accept this free gift from me– Download your free Winter Skincare guide here!!

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