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Biz Coach, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Author, and Podcaster

Hi, My Name is Marti Angel, and I am a very passionate micro biz coach known as the "Empowering Latina Coach" named as such by my clients and customers. I am a Digital course creator, Speaker, E-book author, and Podcaster.

Using all the tools and strategies I have from all my formal education as a teacher, assistant principal, and former Principal I feel I have mastered the magic of my experiences that I use to help the Micro-Preneur grow to their six figure potential.


I get the intricacies of growing your biz from the start and how to use social media as a tool for you, the modern Mujer.

As a former college professor, school administrator, teacher, for over 24 years, I love that I continue to guide, inspire, and empower women/Mujeres through my masterclasses, courses, seminars, private and group coaching, as well as my public speaking lectures.

My E-Book “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life.. a journey through your personal energy system” has been the #1 best-selling ebook for many years.

I can say that I honestly know the power of looking within to find the light of your inner source. I use many gifts & talents that help me to guide my clients and students to new levels of success.

I have been told I have a magic touch that will empower you to rise to the next level of where you want to be and feel wildly successful.



Ultimately, we should love ourselves. And yet, learning to do so seems to be something that eludes us. We are always looking for something outside ourselves to make us happier, more fulfilled, and taken care of.

In our LatinX culture, we most likely have been socially indoctrinated to think that we must be humble and submissive.

Somewhere along the line, we bought into this belief and many of us have lost ourselves in the process, risking our happiness to serve others. So we put our hopes and dreams on hold to bring up our children, serve our mothers, fathers, and husbands.

We do this gladly, knowing that the most important thing in our life is our family -Nuestra Familia.

So we embark on this journey to be the best mom, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or wife that we can be, all the while wishing that we could allow ourselves to have our own success in our life.

We wait and put our dreams and ourselves on hold until the children are grown. In the meantime, we delude ourselves into thinking that material things will make us happy.

We begin to blame the external forces in our lives for the loss of our true happiness. We blame our jobs, our circumstances, our life partner, and even our familia.

We forget that we can have it all!

LatinX women are a special breed! We do everything with PASSION! We love like there is no tomorrow, we kiss like it is the last kiss and we fight like there will be no other!

We are strong, we are hot and we are spicy!!!

It is time to love your “Latina-ness” and live the life of your dreams with our Latina passion and be more than you think you can be!!!!

Helping Modern LatinX women build a beauty & wellness business that creates recurring income while adding value to others.”

meet marti angel

A woman with a mission

Marti Angel creates her life around her three pillars Healthy Beauty, Business and Wellness. But her mission is to leave a legacy of Latina Leaders. Leaders whom she coaches to find the confidence they need to succeed at being 6 figure power bosses.

Marti Angel, is a very active leader for the San Diego Latina community.

CEO of Angel Health & Education, Author, Podcaster, Former Formal Educator/ Administrator, and proven success coach empowering women in business to find the confidence they need to succeed.

She inspires and leads by walking her talk. Her passion is to help others succeed and she continues to empower the underserved, underrepresented and underprivileged.

Her motto: Believe you can! and let your Latinaness show!

Marti Angel crea su vida en torno a sus tres pilares Belleza Saludable, Negocios y Bienestar.

Pero su misión es dejar un legado de Líderes Latinas. Líderes a quienes entrena para encontrar la confianza que necesitan para tener éxito en ser poderosas  empresarias de 6 cifras.

Marti Angel, es una líder muy activa para la comunidad latina de San Diego.

CEO de Angel Health & Education, autora, podcaster, ex directora y entrenadora de éxito comprobada que empodera a las mujeres en los negocios para que encuentren la confianza que necesitan para tener éxito.

Ella inspira y lidera con su charla. Su pasión es ayudar a otros a tener éxito y continúa empoderando a los desfavorecidos, subrepresentados y desatendidos.

Su lema: ¡Cree que puedes! y deja que tu latinidad brille!

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I can honestly say that my coaching programs have a multiplicity of cultural influences that form our “Latina-ness”.

When you join the community be ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the skills and resources you need to ROCK YOUR BIZ and live your best life!

Imagine learning specific strategies that will help you create a happy, healthy life and have a sense of well-being.

Join if you want to create a life that feels true and meaningful. With the community of empowered LatinX Mujeres, you can maintain a positive, joyful outlook!

Learning to unleash your inner goddess then nothing can stop you from fulfilling all of your hopes and dreams by achieving all of your desired goals.

Are you ready to

live a successful, exciting, healthy and happy life, eliminate limiting beliefs that are keeping you from realizing your greatest dreams ?

to embrace each new day with a sense of joy and purpose, and allow yourself to be more than you think you can be?

unleash the goddess that lies within, remove any obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals

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Hello, I am 
Marti Angel

HI, I am Marti Angel, Latina Biz Coach & the Empowering Latina Coach

I help Bilingual women take their business to the next level, by creating actionable strategies and making massive mindset shifts.

Being an empowerment coach for more than 20 years,I found that mindset plays a huge role in our success. I love providing one on one coaching calls and a six-month mentorship program for network marketing professionals. As a retired School Principal, Podcaster, Author, Course Creator, Speaker and Social Media Consultant for micro businesses, I find that consistency and forward motion coupled with mindset work give you the most amazing results.

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