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Your Skin

takes good care of you

Taking care of your precious skin just got a lot better!

Did you know?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is impacted by everything we do and by what eat as well.

Our skin reflects what we eat, how we think, how we exercise (or not), environmental toxins, digestive health and much more!

So being a health education professor, I must share education about skin health! Taking care of my skin has been a lifelong habit!

I have tried many different products. I thought they were working great until I used the brand new high-performance skincare line called Celavive.

Formulated with key botanical ingredients and powerful cell-signaling peptides, I have found Celavive goes beyond traditional skincare regimens by awakening my skin’s radiance. I am totally IN LOVE!!

I have been using Celavive since October 2017 and I love it.

I know you will too. ❤️

See the details below on how to order.

There are 2 systems for different skin types.

Oily/Combination and Dry/Sensitive.

I have been using the dry/sensitive and I have found most people have loved that one. Here is the system I use daily especially for mature skin.

*Vitalizing Serum is my favorite product has given me a new skin radiance and has reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!



Gentle Mike Cleanser
Perfecting Toner (balances pH levels)
Vitalizing Serum*
Hydrating Eye Essence
Protective Day Cream with SPF 30



Conditioning Cleanser and Make Up Remover
Gentle Mike Cleanser
Perfecting Toner
Vitalizing Serum*
Hydrating Eye Essence
Replenishing Night Cream

The best way to use the products is as a whole system.

You can order individual products and the order links will allow you to play around with the shopping cart and choose individual items and you will have the same discounted price as I pay.

Order the Dry/Sensitive regime now.

Dry/Sensitive Skincare regimen. Order now and receive a free Celavive cosmetic bag.
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Order the Oily/Combination regime now.

Oily/Combination Skincare regimen. Order now and receive a free Celavive cosmetic bag.
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