I recently returned home from attending The Latino event #Viva Celavive of my amazing product partner, USANA Health Sciences!

I am so excited about the expansion of the company, we are opening in 4 new countries.

But, I am most excited about our ground-breaking technology in skincare line!

Marti Angel

Many of you know that I am a Professor of Nutritional Science, a Yoga Professor, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist,  and Fitness instructor, but just 2 years ago I made a major life shift to become a full-time Network Marketing Coach and Success Coach.

Now, with USANA as my vehicle to live out my passion, I lead an amazing team of women of culture from all over the world who teach me and inspire me to be the best version of myself I can possibly be!

I empower women to find the confidence they need to succeed. I help women of culture break the bonds of their internal barriers to become successful entrepreneurs thereby living a life that others only dream of having.

USANA products are a major part of coaching others toward self-worth and value, mind body and spirit.

My partnership with USANA has created great opportunities.

I am honored today to share with you that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for the US Latino Market Expansion in the US.

I am also honored to be representing Celavive! The future of skincare, USANA’s Celavive!

I am also Very excited to share with you my new page that shares with you the CELAVIVE products so you too can have Healthy Beautiful Skin!!
See my new Celavive page!