Samtosa, which means Contentment, What is contentment? – to be in observance of ourselves to make sure we are in the space of contentment-

According to Samtosa, it refers to our lot in life, and how we should not desire for more than what is available to us at the moment.

Now, it is important to understand that it does not mean we should not strive to have more or be more. What it is saying is that we must be aware of the space that we are in.
so a great self-coaching question to ask is-

how can I find the sense of contentment right now?

If we are saying things like…..
“If I earn this money, then I will be happy,
If I get this job then. You fill in the blanks.

We are in violation of this Niyama.

In other words, we must be careful that we are not creating our future based on our past through our longing for things to be as they were. The other thing that is critical here is that we make sure we are not living for the future

by being in the space of “if this happens… then, I will”
Because being in either of those two spaces will keep us in violation of Samtosha.

The fact is, when one does achieve these goals, often times it does not bring this sense of happiness one was searching for, or a sense of contentment.

so yoga way of life tells up to seek samtosa in every moment of our life. To awaken the contentment of the present.

When we are able to do this then our “need” for things begins to dissipate
and we begin to find a deeper sense of joy and the contentment that comes from within.

When we begin to live from the space of contentment we find that the right here and now releases us into a sense of simplistic freedom.

I want to share a quote that brings Samtosa into perspective

“True happiness comes from contentment with whatever one has, not with thinking that one will be happy when one gets all one desires” Edwin Bryant

Now, all that being said, I must say that even I find it difficult at times to wrap my head around “the observance” of contentment.

I would like to share a story with you-
When I was very young my mom would tell me “ be happy with what you have!” I used to get so mad at her, and my mind would play tricks on me.
I would think, “WHY”? why can’t I want more, I don’t want to be poor.

What I did not realize then, that she was not asking me to happy and not go for more, but that if I could find my space of being content in that moment then I would open more space to become all that I wanted, and bring into my life all that I wanted.

Understand that, with Samtosha, it’s not that ‘everything is ok.’
It’s, ‘man this sucks, but I’m ok.’”

In other words, you won’t be immune to bad things, but when they happen – when the “all hell breaks loose’ comes and you find yourself in a Shitstorm – you’ll weather them much better.

Be careful if you get all caught up in the desire or fear of life and it gets up into your head, begin to remind yourself that you have a choice of how to react internally.

As I always say “Get into the place of “choice and choose a different space to live in at that moment” Marti Angel

Well, that’s all for now. I hope this has helped you. Please leave a comment below

Now, Join me in gratitude, “I am thankful for everything I have, for all that I am and all that I am about to become!” Namaste,