The Art of Listening

May 25, 2017

Tias Little often says that yoga is the art of listening. In Yoga, there is a focus on inward listening to your body during the practice of asana. You listen to the rhythm of your own breath, and the process of listening or watching your thoughts as they arise and pass during the practice of meditation.

In the quote by Suzuki that says

“When you listen to someone, you should give up all your preconceived ideas and your subjective opinions; you should just listen to him, just observe what his way is… put very little emphasis on right or wrong good or bad… just see how things are with him and accept them. Usually, when you listen to some statement, you hear it as a kind of echo of yourself. You are actually listening to your own opinion. If it agrees with your opinion you may accept it, but if it does not, you will reject it or you may not even hear it .”

we can learn a lot about ourselves and our listening style. When we practice Yoga Asana,
we begin to practice listening. When we are in asana each pose is a tool of observation.

When you practice asana, you may also become aware of incongruencies between the left and right sides of your body, possibly due to your work or habitual holding patterns. This is a lesson in learning to listen without judgment, because we just observe how our body is feeling, moving or behaving. We practice intently listening to what our body is telling us.

The art of listening can be enhanced by a meditation practice as well. Meditation practice is a constant process of dropping theories, opinions, or hopes about what the practice holds and returning to the bare reality of the sound of breath, posture, and what is happening in the external world- the birds outside or the flickering of my candle.

To listen without comment gives us a glimpse of reality beyond our internal conversation. That is where we find this quieter place inside ourselves that is where insight arises.

Yoga, and the art of listening go hand in hand. Yoga teaches us to listen with the intent to understand, and the art of listening enhances our Yoga practice.

so if we want to be a better listener perhaps starting a yoga practice will help us to achieve this goal.

This is Marti Angel Signing off, I hope you found value in this, if you did please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Now, please join me in gratitude, I am thankful for everything I have for all that I am and all that I am about to become!



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