The Power of a Question…..

January 7, 2018

Hi Everyone, Marti Angel here with some more pearls of wisdom to help you
change your paradigm and create a new mindset


Question — How many of you like when you get NO for an answer?


Because of that, how many of you Censor the questions you ask to avoid getting a NO?

In other words, you think in your head they are already going to say no so, you don’t even ask.

Here is what happens- we stop ourselves from asking questions so we don’t even have to hear the “NO”!!

What we don’t understand, is that a QUESTION is actually is magic!! A question changes things.
What we need to understand is that a question rearranges the universe and gives you lots and lots of other possibilities

When you don’t even ask the question, then there can only be one possibility
Which is YOU will NOT ask the questions- because you have a CERTAINTY

But, what is equally important for you to understand is that when you become the person
that will actually ASK THE QUESTION

You are busting through beliefs that no longer serve you and you are
opening up to many more possibilities

So essentially you are moving energy in a way that will create opportunities for you, your business and your life.

so remember the ACT of asking the question will actually change the future that is about to be created for you.

so the next time you stop yourself from asking this question because you “know you are going to get a NO!!”

Go ahead and ask it anyway!! Change your energy!! Change your life!!

Well, I hope you got some value from this, and if so please leave me a comment below!! I would love to hear from you!!

Now, Please join me in gratitude, I am thankful for everything I have for all that I am and all that I am about to become.. Namaste,

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