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Hey everyone hey peeps! Hola welcome welcome welcome to another episode of Mondays with Marti  Angel.

 Today we're going to share secrets to improve your sales today's episode is really about what is the secret to selling.


 I want to share with you that there is no real secret other than authenticity and humbleness!


Two of the things that you truly need to improve your sales 

  1. Humbleness
  2. Authenticity

I call these secrets because there are so many people out there who are not authentic so many people out there that are sharing with you things that I feel are inauthentic like how to grow a six-figure income and how to be a seven-figure income earner and they themselves have never really sustained that income.

Or even more inauthentic telling you that by creating a digital course you can go to sleep and the money will come pouring in.

Let's take a look at these two strategies:
First, let's take a look at what is humbleness --
Humility is the quality of being humble.
researchers suggest that humble people have an accurate view of themselves, acknowledge their mistakes and limitations, are open to other viewpoints and ideas, keep their accomplishments and abilities in perspective, have a low self-focus, and appreciate the value of all things, including other people.

That's a great definition but now let's translate it into what does that looks like in your business while you're marketing yourself on social media. Being humble means in business that you are open to being teachable to have a growth mindset to really learn how to make things better for the people you serve and putting that into action almost immediately from when you learn it.

When Marketing on social media that means that it is also that the era of selfies is pretty much over.
More important now is that you show people what you're going to do for them.
What are they going to get when they work with you?
What are they going to get when they buy from you?
What are they going to get when they become part of your tribe?
It's really important that you show that in a visual way as well as in a written way so your content needs to match the photo you're putting out there.
Social media right now is changing most people are not wanting to see the big puckered lips or not wanting to see you in your skivvies.
They are not they wanting to see you show your body off or your face off.

Be authentic being just your authentic self without any filters without any enhancements but genuinely showing how you help others and that's what humble is .
That is how humility is really important.
How you actually answer your followers and how quick are you there to answer for them is of utmost importance!
Now I want to invite you to join me next week as we talk about secret #2-
But for now--
I want to invite you to join the next master class coming up on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 Sign up while there is still time!!

The link will be in the comments.

And as well you can join me until the door close on June 11 at midnight in “Rock Your Biz Academy” --

I hope to see you there..


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