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Some call it the language of God, others call it coincidence but whatever it is, we always receive signs Marti Angel - Blogfrom our universal source helping us to see, hear or speak whatever it is we may be needing in that moment. We as humans come into this world, into this place we call earth, to learn and grow from our life lessons. It is said the older the soul that has incarnated our body the harder the life lessons we have chosen to bear. It is in our everyday life circumstances that we must be awake and alert to the subtle messages we receive from above. These messages come from a vortex of energy that is pure, powerful and abundant in every way. We know that we are all energy and that all matter is energy. Therefore, it goes without saying that our thoughts and emotions are very potent energy.

This is precisely why we must be truly mindful of our thoughts and the words we speak.

Even more so, we must be extremely mindful of the emotional charge we put into all our thoughts.

The emotions we put to our thoughts is very much like the lighter used to set the coals on fire, the driver of the car, the primary mover of the muscle. Ponder this; The emotions emitted from our heart center are energetic pulses sent out to the universe. These pulses of energy can either be negative or positive charges. These pulses of energy emitted from us will draw back the same. Einstein said we live in an energy universe, and that we do.

We are so beautifully and perfectly made with such love and devotion that we can only be made in the image of the greater force- source energy. Each human being is a charged up energy system. This is part of the cosmic design if you will. Energy is always around us; we are constantly exchanging energy with everyone else. When you share from the heart something with someone you can feel the emotional charge given or received by that person. When two people make love there is a definite intermingling of energy between two human beings. We are energy and as such we bring into our reality exactly what we ask for.

It is in this asking that we need to realize that there are no coincidences. Let me give you a very personal example; I was in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in a local bookstore looking for a book to read. I wanted to read a very meaningful book, not just something frivolous or mindless. I wandered about aimlessly. Nothing jumped out at me so I sat in front of a self-help bookshelf. I covered my face with my hands and said, ” Please help me find a book made especially for me” within seconds a book fell off the shelf and literally hit me on the head. I jumped up in and effort to ease the pain! It really hurt! After the pain had subsided I picked up the book, turned it over to read the title; the title was ” Signs and wonders, understanding the language of God”. Wow, ask and you shall receive! All I remember is that while I was asking I had truly put an emotional charge into that request and I got exactly what I wanted.

If you truly think about it, there are no coincidences. Was it a coincidence that I asked for the perfect book and it hit me on the head? Simply, no it was not. It was the universal source guiding me to read that book. Have you ever had a thought charged with emotion but then discounted it only to find yourself being talked to about the subject of your thoughts? Have you ever been in the middle of going through tough times and then as if by some miracle into your life pops the right person who happens to say the right things to help you through that time?

Time and time again I have been told: ” your words came to me at the right time, thank you.” It is no coincidence that you are in that professor’s class listening to what the lecture is about. It is no coincidence that you may have flubbed up, bet you won’t do that again.

You may be so caught up in your egoic mind energy, that you may block yourself from listening or hearing the message, but sooner or later someone else will relay that same message to you again when you are ready to hear it. As the saying goes, ” when the student is ready the teacher will come.” You in all your wonder need to realize that what happens to you is because you have asked for it in some fashion. Even the bad stuff. So remember that you made a pre-earth decision to be here to learn those lessons from all those teachers. The universal source is simply guiding you along your path by giving you signs and wonders. The question is: are you listening?

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