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December 5, 2019

Hi Everyone Marti Angel here –Tip of the Day - Marti Angel

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Would you desire to change your paradigm ?

Today lets talk about the difference between a paradigm and a belief.

First, in order to begin our conversation, we must know the difference between the two.

So here is a very simple and easy to understand rendition;

If you can visualize a triangle— and the bottom of the triangle is the base or the foundation if you will, upon which you can build your pyramid and at the tippy top imagine yourself standing there and looking out into the world from that vantage point. What do you see? How does it feel?  This is how you see the world, the lens you use to look through.

And, as you acquire more beliefs your foundation keeps growing and your standing at the top and you keep getting higher, so your vantage point changes.

Ok- now here goes the true definition-

Paradigm is a way of looking at something.

Beliefs are the building blocks that form your paradigm.

What is important is to understand that this paradigm you have has been molded by your beliefs that you have acquired along the way of life based on your experiences, environment, choices, and influences.

Your beliefs have created a filter by which you view the world.


A belief is an acceptance of a statement that you have agreed with.  You have ingested it into your energy system through your first and second chakra.  You have accepted it, agreed with it and made it yours.

So your beliefs that you have are the elements that make up the pattern that creates your paradigm.

With all that said, you must realize your paradigm you have created for yourself.  Then, decide if it is serving you at this point in time and is it serving your;

Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations?

If yes? Then more power to you keep on building in the same way.

If no? Then it is time to do some house cleaning of your beliefs.

You want to begin to get rid of beliefs that no longer serve you.  Then create your new foundation to create your new paradigm.

Well, I hope you found value and if you did please leave me a comment!  I would love to hear from you!!

Now please join me in gratitude,

I am thankful for everything I have for all that I am and all that I am about to become.

Have a great day everyone-



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  1. I better start doing some house cleaning, right away!!! my beliefs are very strong… but I have some room to improved those beliefs to continue to reach higher to what I want to accomplished on life. My beliefs even when I joined the Army , never changed. I still believe on everything that my family has thought me to be somebody in life and reach higher to what I want on life. Maybe if I did not have a strong base that came from my family I would have fail big time. Patient is one of my beliefs that I think is one of my strongest base to grow. I see life on a way that we always have to wait to reach what we really want on life. Creating a rush on what we do everyday is something that if we do we wont have the understanding of is around us to appreciate and use to continue grow within ourselves. Yes, I do have to do some cleaning to take all those bad bases that I had acquired in bad moments of my life. I will stick with my own beliefs to follow my own paradigm, it is cleaning time!!!

  2. This was a simplistic way for me to understand that personally my paradigms may change as well as my beliefs. As I grow wiser thru the chapters of life beliefs may become myths and/or may grow stronger with meaning. As dynamic the paradigm can be it allows me to find my truth and understanding for different stages of life and create increasing value and foundation as I build my beliefs.

  3. This explanation of our paradigms vs beliefs got me thinking-our own beliefs may be the reason of our downfall or unhappiness. If you don’t like where you’re at, then change how you look at it. After all, everyone’s experience of life is different somehow and therefore everyone has their own unique paradigm. It’s up to us that we ensure our paradigm is built on a sturdy, loving foundation.

  4. Learning more of how a paradigm is molded and influenced shows how important it is the surround yourself around positive beliefs that will only benefit the way you view the world. I’ve realized I need to make sure I only take in things that are positive for myself in order to maintain a positive outlook for my future and steps along the way. I feel as though this positive outlook can insure that I get where I want and be able to achieve my bigger goals I’ve set for myself. It’s a work in progress but definitely progress nonetheless!

  5. I have a lot to work on after reading this. I have strong beliefs but some of them haven’t helped me much in my life. I feel that this lecture is true to heart. I’ve learned so much. Grateful to you for this knowledge.


  6. I think I would start off by actually doing something for myself first and the others come. Because if I can’t take care of myself first then who else will. Something to look up to

  7. Our beliefs definitely have a hold on us so it’s important to go through them and change them or even get rid of them as suggested.

  8. I can hopefully still mold a loving aware foundation in my pyramid that will eventually guide me too a healthy,caring, positive loving life style that will help me achieve my goals

  9. It is really important to revaluate your paradigm and make sure it still applies to who you are and who you want to be. Especially in this world where things are always changing and new light and ways of thinking is being brought to our mindset. Its important to be aware that we are still trying to live in our truth.

  10. I really agree with the distinction between paradigms and beliefs. I try very hard to be extremely particular about what I take into account in my belief system since I do recognize that they shape my actions and these value commitments shape my world. I always wonder how do you tell if a belief is no longer serving you or its not that you disagree with a belief but your looking to shift your paradigms by taking on new beliefs. Around this time of year though I always try to reexamine my beliefs just in case I have carried something with me the whole year that had been blocking me.

  11. Growing up I was raised Christian but just about four years ago I became agnostic. “Switching” to this didn’t even feel like a switch per say, I didn’t really learn new ideas and beliefs, but honestly felt like a huge relief to take all the other beliefs I was taught growing up and just dropping them. However, all in all I need just a little bit more house cleaning this fine winter so I can be all nice a cleansed for the new year!

  12. I feel like my Paradigm is mainly filled with neutral beliefs. Some positive and some negative but mainly neutral. I like to keep an open mind and im always open for discussion on my beliefs because i enjoy hearing and understanding other standpoints. Ive never struggled with changing my beliefs either especially if im shown that that belief may be toxic for me and others around me

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