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E-motions are energy in motion. Unhindered emotions run freely. They run through our bodies like water runs through the mountains, creating new patterns and making new paths.

Then at times running with a force so strong that it moves us so deeply within that we become physically unable to handle them sending us into a tailspin. This creates fear within us and we begin to suppress these emotions due to our inability to control them.

That is where the problem begins; these emotions that we suppress begin to create havoc on our mind, body, and spirit. In order to stay balanced energetically we must have awareness along with a knowing of where in the body we feel the energy in motion.

This is when we must embark on our quest to understand or comprehend this energy in motion. As a yogini, yoga therapist, and energy healer, it has been my experience that we can identify where in the body this energy is stuck.

We do this by becoming still and quiet then deeply sensing for subtle stirrings we may feel inside our body. This usually takes some practice, because many of us are detached from the true sense of our emotions.

It is most effective when we approach this healing technique with the awe of a child, becoming aware and curious. As you begin to practice, you begin to increase in your level of awareness.

Initially, when you begin to do this practice you may not be able to locate any energy (emotions) but stay with it and you will be successful. This emotion is simply energy in motion flowing through and around your body. You may begin to be aware of sensations moving from place to place in the body.

First you may feel it in your gut then feel it moving quickly into your heart. The energy can follow the road map of the Chakra system. As a college professor of the Chakra system, and author of the book “Change your energy, Change your life” I have found it to be my experience that the Chakra system is a surprisingly accurate guidance system that can enable you to locate the storing point of these emotions.

The word Chakra means, “wheel” in Sanskrit. The idea of the human Chakra system has been around in sacred texts belonging to India’s yogic sages since the 1800’s. In my Yoga Therapy Practice I find that all the answers to our seeking comes from within our bodies. We can tap into the inner knowing by simply tuning in to our energy.

It is human nature to avoid painful events and feelings. When we are infants we are protected by our parents, we are sheltered, learning how to move through our world with as little confrontation as possible. Then there comes a point in our lives that we begin to want answers, this is when we begin our journey on our spiritual path.

We all know that real healing comes in the form of releasing. We must have the courage to confront our demons. When we confront these demons, we begin our journey into the world of healing. Healing from the inside out becomes the necessary road to enlightenment. The question then becomes ” How do we face these demons, tackle them or conquer them in an effort to release this negative energy? ” We must continue to release and let go until we feel like this energy is no longer creating havoc in our bodies, mind and spirit.

From a holistic viewpoint, the body, mind and spirit have a natural propensity to heal. This creates happiness and it is human nature to want to be in a place of happiness, wholeness and love. When we begin to allow ourselves to feel, we begin our freedom voyage away from negative emotions that can harm us.

There gently becomes an openness and healing which creates opportunity to cultivate a positive relationship with our emotions. This healing creates an energetic expression of expansion and through this expansion we begin to emote positivity as it runs through every cell of our being, healing and loving from within.

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  1. I didnt want to read this i will be honest. I saw unhindered emotions and i thought man i do not want to deal with this because i knew it would hit close to home. I knew that i needed to read this the second i started to read. Completely entranced, i dont think i blinked. For as long as i could remember ive always had this vague feeling of emptiness like there was an abyss in me ( im not too sure as to where it is but as of right now it feels like its in between my heart and gut ) and as time went by it just continued to grow. I think its time i explore this abyss and see whats going on.
    I believe the universe is trying to give me a wake up call. Thank you.

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