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Words that kill your positive intentions

November 26, 2021

But, When And Try – Words That Kill Your Positive Intentions!

Words are preceded by your thoughts. When these thoughts are filled with emotion they have a power that is undeniably compelling.

Therefore, you must know that there are certain words within your everyday vocabulary that come with a red flag.
These words when tested by the kinesiology method that is so eloquently explained in The book by Dr. Robert Hawkins, “Power vs. Force” make you go weak.

In numerous studies done within my own research, these three words always make the person go weak. These three words bring your powerful, positive and meaningful intentions to a screeching halt. It is as though your thoughts, wants or desires hit a roadblock and what you wish for never comes to you, because you have yanked the roots from this blooming flower before it ever had a chance to grow into your dream.

Take the word BUT. When do you use the word BUT? Usually it is used to stifle someone else’s opinion, thought or desire. For example, You find yourself in a conversation with someone and they say something that you do not agree with, you generally answer, yes, but…when what you are really trying to say is no, I do not agree with what you said.

In a different scenario, why do you think you never seem to get what you want? If you actually think about it, it is because when you want something you say or think… Yes, I would love to have that car, but I can’t afford it… or you say or think… I want that job, but they probably won’t pick me… Or, I wish I had more money but I don’t. Every time you say or think BUT, Wham! you slam the breaks on your creative process.

Now let’s take the word WHEN. When do you usually use the word WHEN? You may use it like this. I want a new car… when I can afford it. Or, I will buy new clothes… WHEN I lose weight. Or WHEN I have more money I will buy a new TV. The problem is WHEN never seems to come. WHEN leaves you in limbo. WHEN tells the universal energy, I want this but I do not believe I can have it so it will never come to me.
You basically tell the universal power that you have no faith that you will ever get what you want. How about, I will read that book WHEN I have more time so you never seem to get to that book.

Finally the word TRY. As the wise old Yoda says ” do or do not….There is no try.” He makes this powerful statement in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. My own saying is “TRY is a loser word. You either do or do not, there is no TRY.” When muscle tested this word makes you the weakest. If you think about it, when you invite a friend to do something with you and they say, ” I will try to make it.” How many of those times did your friend not show up? Better still when your child asks you.. Mom or Dad can you get me a toy? You usually answer, I’ll try.
I ask to tell the truth, you are not going to get it for them so just tell them, spare them the agony of waiting needlessly. You use try when you know you are not going to do the task.
I will try to make it…. I will try to get it…. I will try to tell him…. It never gets done! There is only you will do it or you will not. There is no in-between. So the truth of the matter is that when you TRY to do your best you will actually fail. You can physically only do or do not. I have not been able to see what try looks like in physical form. Remove these words from your vocabulary if you truly want to manifest your desires. This may not be so easy.

First you need to be aware of these words and the negative power that they bring to your reality, then begin to consciously replace them with more positive words like YES…… So that I can… I will do or not… Begin to create what you want by removing the negative words from your mind and your thoughts. Then you will be on your way to bringing forth your desires.

Yours in Health & Wealth
Marti Angel, MA

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