Niyama #3 is TAPAS- The word TAPAS is formed from the root “TAP” which means “to burn”, “to radiate”, “to be consumed by fire”.

Fire is the symbol for the ardent desire or for the invincible will to achieve something.

Think about this—— “the invincible will to achieve something” As entrepreneur, this is what we have. We have an invincible will to bring to fruition our dreams into this material world.
How many of us know that you can use Yoga for success? Yoga as a way of life can lead to success.

TAPAS implies an ardent effort directed toward a defined purpose. We set goals, and take action to achieve those goals.

TAPAS also tells us there is one catch-
this desire or will must be exerted in a totally detached and patient manner, renouncing the fruits (the results) of your actions — in other words, Detach from the outcome, stop doing things expecting to gain something.

I know, you are looking at me saying “what???” Marti really?” then how will we achieve our goals.

Well, here it is in short terms — go after your goals and get lost in the process, not the outcome.
TAPAS is realized through discipline and through a conscious and sustained effort to resist all temptations(attachments) and to overcome all obstacles that stand between you and your goal.

These attachments are keeping us stuck.When we use yoga for success in our life we realize that TAPAS is very much related to willpower

do you have the willpower to stay the course or do you give up when it gets hard and tricky?
TAPAS implies perseverance and daily practice.
so here it is,
When you are going toward something you KEEP going no matter what!! You find a way around the blocks- you reach out to a mentor for help to see things clearly anything so that you DON”T GIVE UP!

Example: how many times do you start something and then life gets in the way and you stop
just like Yoga, how many times do people start a practice and then stop?

Here is what you must remember,
The avoiding of discomfort is not a positive attitude, but a sign of weakness.

How many of you have avoided the opportunity to start your own business because you want to know the outcome before you even begin the journey???

well, Tapas is doing something you do not want to do that will have a positive effect on your life.

Tapas builds the willpower and personal strength to help us become more dedicated.

If you quit, or you find an excuse not to act on our goals, or start a business or apply for that job, and you are in fear that they won’t hire you then you are in violation of TAPAS!

Have the ’TAPAS” burn the deep desire to succeed and take action every day, and don’t give up, and you will succeed!! Use Yoga for success in your life.

Well, everyone, I hope you found value in this short lesson. Please take some time to leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Now, please join me in gratitude, I am grateful for everything I have for all that I am and all that I am about to become.”
Have a great day everyone!! Namaste,