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Are you looking for how to put your phone to use so you can leverage it and learn to make an extra stream of income?

Are you even remotely curious as to finding out what it means to be a Social Media Manager?
Hi there I am Marti Angel, Latina biz coach, College Business Professor and I would love to help you:
find out if you have the interest or the talent to create a viable side hustle from this.

Now imagine yourself be a key marketing/social Media manager for a small business person, solopreneur or network marketing professional.
How would you like to position yourself to be the go to person for a small business owner when it comes to social media content and creation?

Well, Welcome to social Media 101-- 30 days away from creating an extra stream of income from your phone or your computer.

You are about to learn how you can help the small business person create more sales for their business that will, in turn, help you to create more business for yourself!

You will learn how to approach small businesses and offer your services.
Position yourself as an expert in helping them in their social media efforts.
You will learn how to step into your new role with confidence so that you can contribute and be the go to expert for the small business person/ solopreneur

After many years of having my own small business, and being a professor of marketing at a local college, and being a Small business social media consultant and trainer.
I am now releasing my newest course designed to help you learn what it really takes to be a social media manager and to help you decide if that is the right path for you.

This course Social Media 101- learn to be a social media manager and create an extra stream of income in 30 days or less. will help you:
Set and position yourself to approach small businesses and become their social media manager.
You will be set and well on your way to being a small business entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses as well.
You will learn what to say to approach these folks so that you can share your desire to help others succeed and find success.
knowing what a social media manager does inside the marketing department of a small business
Knowing what tools you can use to help you so you can have more than one client at a time and be able to do the same for all your clients.
Knowing what to post for them and how to help them position themselves in their world.
So let me break down the the modules here:

In Module # 1 -- the introduction to being a social media manager---
We get into the nitty gritty of what it really means to be a social media manager.

Module #2-- We talk about getting to know your clients so you can best be of service to them.
We will talk about the mindset of your client and yours.

Module #3- We begin to introduce all the platforms that you and or your potential client may be working to get their business to stand out in.

Module # 4 - We will cover the social media search engines and how the differ to the platforms.

Modlue # 5- We cover Social media tools that will help you as the social media manager to be more efficient and get resounding results for your customers.

Module #6- We get into creating the graphics for your social media posts. You will learn to get creative and get those juices flowing.

Module #7-- Bonus-- We will cover
Belief in yourself
Confidence to success
You will also have the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute session with me, I will be there answering all your questions that you have before you go out into the real world.

Now if you were to enroll in this type of a course at the college level, you would be spending at least 1- 2 semesters that is at least 10 months of your time before you get to go out and do anything with the information.

Now, the problem with that is that we all know that Social Media is changing almost on a daily basis and therefore it is worth your time to get out into the market as soon as possible.

Honestly, being a college professor and writing curriculum for college courses, I can confidently say that you will get a college type curriculum when you purchase this course. You will love it!!

You will find these lessons are short, sweet and to the point, and you will get my personal attention in the VIP Facebook group that comes with the purchase of this course.

Imagine having access to me guiding you and even giving you more value to make sure you succeed. In the VIP group, you will have access to even more tools and tips of the trade to rock your biz FREE!

Now what I want you to know is that if you went out and found a coach to teach you what I am giving you in this course, you would probably spend about $500 an hour to get access to the coach.

And, if you went out and signed up for this course in college, you would need to pay
Your registration which now a days costs about $100 and about $57.00 a unit
And this course is comparable to a 3 to 6 unit course so multiply $57.00 a unit that could roughly cost you any where from $180 to $360 and you would probably have to pay $40 parking pass.

So with that said I want to share that this course has a value of $360 or more-- but I am not charging you this!!

Nope you will be getting a $400 or more value for $97 normally, but the deal gets even better here!!

For the first 20 people that sign up for this course you will pay ONLY $29.99

Wow, now I would definitely say you will get more than your money's worth here!

So if you really want to get going and break into the Social media industry and become an expert in what you do, and

Time is of the essence for you to begin making extra income from your phone

Then this is your course!! So sign up here as spots get filled fast since I am keeping this class smaller than a college course because I want to make sure you succeed.

So sign up now !! and I will see you on the inside!!

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