You Can Heal Your LIfe - Marti AngelThere are three main illusions that plague us in our quest to heal our lives, bodies and souls.

The first of these illusions is that we are this body. We identify with this body. When we do this we use the theory that we are “Finite”. This is the furthest thing from the real truth. We are not this body, we are beautiful souls housed in this body that has been on loan to us for our time here on this earth. It is our temple, our temporary home during our journey here on this finite land. We must learn to accept the fact that we are more than what we can see in the mirror. We are beautiful light beings.

The second illusion is that our quest in life is the pursuit of happiness. Once again, you can begin to heal your life by debunking this myth. The problem with this myth is that our understanding of happiness is confused with pleasure. Pleasure is not happiness. Pleasure should not be confused with happiness.

It is in this confusion that we become ill. We become disillusioned with life. We are seeking and never finding. We become entangled in a cyclical web of self-destruction. The more pleasure we seek in the aim of happiness the less we find it, and so it goes. Happiness goes much deeper; it goes to the soul, to our true being-ness.

The third illusion is Power. The power to be happy, to be healthy, to be what we need to be to have it all. The illusion of seeking power is been with us since our inception. Have we not learned from the cartoons of old that always depict the villain as the one seeking all the power at any cost, thinking all along that this power will bring them happiness?

Only to find that at the end the bigger they are the harder they fall.

We can heal our life, when we begin to see the fallacy of all this. We fall into thinking that power is infinite and we go in search of this infinite power, we seek it through material things, we acquire many things. Then all of a sudden we realize that things, power and other such illusions are not the answers.

To begin to heal our life we must see how falling into these three illusions will only serve to keep us in a state of stasis and in the place of cyclical unhappiness and illusionary feelings. We must learn to love and accept ourselves totally, unconditionally and lovingly.

Love is the only answer to begin to heal our lives. Love is the true power. Love, in its purest sense, is the real healing. Love yourself, accept yourself and begin to heal your life from the inside out. Then all will be well in your mind, your body, and your life circumstances. Let us learn to give love, receive love, share love and accept love. When we can truly do this will be able to begin to heal our life. The healing of our body,

lives, spirit and most importantly the healing for this land we call mother earth.

Aloha and Namaste! Marti Angel

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