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Marti Angel’s brand is health, healing and empowerment. She touches the lives of many through her coaching, mentoring, functional diagnostic nutrition and fitness classes. She uses a transformative approach to helping others succeed. She is best known for her work as an motivational speaker and author, assisting bilingual women to become successful entrepreneurs through health and wealth. Her passion for leaving a legacy of leaders behind is what drives her daily. Read more about Marti here.

Marti Angel
What is Lifestyle Coaching by Marti Angel

Lifestyle Coaching focuses on creating

positive results by building self-awareness, supporting positive action and facilitating a deepened understanding that opens the door to new possibilities and choices.

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Your Skin takes good care of you Taking care of your precious skin just got a lot better! Did you know? The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is impacted by everything we do and by what eat as well. Our skin reflects what we [...]



Health & Wellness Coaching My goal is to help others create health & wellness by giving them the tools to eat healthy, take the best vitamins available, and live full healthy lives. One of the best tools for discovering what foods are best for you and your body is metabolic typing! For a more [...]


P.L.A.Y-Preneurs Training

Home of the P.L.A.Y-Preneurs Training First of all I want to thank you all for allowing me to roll out the coaching program called P.L.A.Y. Coaching! The vision of this coaching will be to empower and inspire you to take your life, lifestyle, and your business to the next level and [...]



Nutrition Nutritional Health Services Available… Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Consultations What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition? A system of functional lab work that identifies healing opportunities Proven to help resolve chronic stress related disorders Easily reproducible model of care included in the training All the tools and skills you need to identify root causes An exciting [...]



Yoga Tribal Latin Fusion Both yoga and dance lead us back into our bodies. Combine them, as the Om diva does in her most popular workshop, and the result is high-energy, inner-fire movement meditation yoga. Learn to unleash your inner-goddess and connect with your divine feminine spirit within! Tribal-Latin Fusion [...]

Chage Your Energy Change Your Life Book by Marti Angel

A Journey Through Your Personal Energy System



Bilingual Women - Marti Angel




I dont have words to express my grattitude your teachings have helped me in many different ways in life and taking my business to another level Every day I learn more how to become a great leader in business and in life, my wife and I took a huge step in our business we are training our associates and already having awesome results no more being an introvert its time to let out that leader within and create massive waves to help others THANKS Marti Angel NAMASTE

Jesus Rodriguez

Gracias a Marti Angel. es que dimos el primer paso para dar ese gran cambio en nuestra vida. Eternamente agradecida estamos contigo, su coaching de Marti Angel nos auydo mucho !!!

Adryana Rodriguez

 Thank you so much for the class. I was nearly in tears by the time I left. My body responded in an amazing way. Right now I have hip and knee problems and Yoga did heal them… I have a new energy within me. You are absolutely amazing. I leave for my vacation on Sunday and will be away for 2 weeks!! I will take with me this experience and I will connect with my body and soul as I take some time to relax and meditate and examine where my life is leading to, Namaste 🙂

Kristalina A

Unleash the Divine goddess within, Love your Latina-ness!!!

!Inspirandonos juntas!

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