Hi!, I am Marti Angel, I am a biz coach for the modern mujer.

Are you a Mujer De Exito, Unbounded, a Woman of Success w/o Limits?

Create your six-figure dream biz and live your best life!

meet marti angel

A woman with a mission

Marti Angel creates her life around her three pillars Healthy Beauty, Business and Wellness. But her mission is to leave a legacy of Latina Leaders. Leaders whom she coaches to find the confidence they need to succeed at being 6 figure power bosses.

Marti Angel, is a very active leader for the San Diego Latina community.

CEO of Angel Health & Education, Author, Podcaster, Former Formal Educator/ Administrator, and proven success coach empowering women in business to find the confidence they need to succeed.

She inspires and leads by walking her talk. Her passion is to help others succeed and she continues to empower the underserved, underrepresented and underprivileged.

Her motto: Believe you can! and let your Latinaness show!

Marti Angel crea su vida en torno a sus tres pilares Belleza Saludable, Negocios y Bienestar.

Pero su misión es dejar un legado de Líderes Latinas. Líderes a quienes entrena para encontrar la confianza que necesitan para tener éxito en ser poderosas  empresarias de 6 cifras.

Marti Angel, es una líder muy activa para la comunidad latina de San Diego.

CEO de Angel Health & Education, autora, podcaster, ex directora y entrenadora de éxito comprobada que empodera a las mujeres en los negocios para que encuentren la confianza que necesitan para tener éxito.

Ella inspira y lidera con su charla. Su pasión es ayudar a otros a tener éxito y continúa empoderando a los desfavorecidos, subrepresentados y desatendidos.

Su lema: ¡Cree que puedes! y deja que tu latinidad brille!


 As a Certified Celavive skin care Ambassador, I am here to help you get the
best skin of your life
Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it is equal to you eating it.
Healthy beauty equals great skincare products. What if you could share some of these products with those you love?


They say that the best way to create wealth is open your business. With that being said,
you are going to need to have a great coach to guide you, one that has been where you are now. What are you waiting for? There are low cost entry businesses out there in the largest industry. Interested? drop me a line.


Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful existence. Wellness is the state of being healthy. Wellness encompasses the congruence of mind, body and spirit, a oneness. How do you actively pursue wellness? In this day and age we cannot get all that body needs from food alone and so quality supplements are key.
As a Two- time cancer survivor, let me be your guide.

[f.r.e.e training]

Work With Me

Marti Angel is a bilingual powerhouse and has some of the best heart centered coaching and knowledge techniques to clear your blocks to succeed in the industry! 

If you’re looking to personally work with the inspirational Marti Angel in her Network Marketing Business please learn more here.

my why

I’ve been there

Some may call me a survivor but I would say I am a thriver. I remember that every time I went down I would speak my mantra “I AM STRONG, I Can Do this!”

I went from confusion and deceit
to feeling stronger, more successful, and finding my way.
Being a Latina in Leadership positions since I was 12, I have expereinced failure, disloyalty, and worse in all arenas of life.

Then I began to work with mentors and coaches that allowed me to see my greatness and help me achieve my dreams.

You must be willing to invest in your learning journey.

By yourself you can only go so far but with coaching and guidance you can soar.

This is what I choose now, I choose to be the mentor and the coach for those that are ready.

I have found along the way, many who say they will but don’t.

If you are ready and would like to start your beauty, business and wellness journey then I invite you to join my private community where you will thrive and find your tribe.


What they say

Linda Blackman- 


Marti Angel truly lives up to her name! Marti is truly an angel with a heart of gold which is equaled in her genius with social media expertise which she beautifully passes on to those she coaches. If you haven’t hired Marti yet as a coach, don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone and call her right now! 

m. martinez


You are a passionate educator, a community leader, and an inspiring role model for the modern Latina. You help women be more than they think they can be and you teach me how the congruence of mind, body, and spirit creates success.